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Top 5 Affordable Bowling Balls For Straight Throwers

Bowlers who look for bowling balls that are designed to be thrown straight lie in 3 categories:

1) They Are Beginners

2) They Simply Like to Throw Straight

3) They Need A 'Spare Ball'

Whatever the category is, a polyester coverstock bowling ball is the best bowling ball for straight throws.

I see that you're in the market for a bowling ball that suits your straight throwing playstyle? I'm here to give you some pointers!

Here are the top 5 affordable polyester coverstock bowling balls for you straight throwers in no particular order!

1) Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball

The Brunswick T-Zone is probably the most well known bowling ball on this list and for good reason. Not only is it made by a great brand, it also looks and performs great. Let's dive into the specifics!

The T-Zone features:

- 6-16lbs Variations

- High Gloss Polish Finish

- 25 Hook Potential (Low)

- 8+ Color Options

- Brunswick Proprietary 'T-Zone Bullet' Core

- Polyester Coverstock

- Reaction Shape Strength of 99 (High)

- For Dry Lane Condition With Straight Breakpoint Shape

Pros & Cons:


- Smooth, Reliable Performance

- Greater Customisability (Balls Don't Come Pre-drilled!)

- Available In A Variety Of Weight & Color Options

- Great For Beginners

- Affordable


- Slightly Heavier Compared To Other Balls

- Not The Most Durable (But Still Good!)

- Not Having Predrilled Holes (Some People Don't Want To Pay Extra!)

The T-Zone really shines in dry lanes and the polyester coverstock offers the ball a great, straight aiming ball, and for this reason it's perfect for beginners. This ball will remain in arsenal if you choose to upgrade to a reactive resin ball, because the unique bullet core is perfect hitting spares that require high control. This makes it a perfect spare ball.

The weight is slightly heavier compared to other balls so this will take some time to get used to, but pays off. It's not the most expensive ball, so don't be shattered when the ball picks up some damage over time. My personal ball got a slight chip in the first few games, but it hasn't affected the performance of the ball. I'd say it's slightly less durable than the average ball.

Overall, the Brunswick T-Zone bowling ball is a great choice for an affordable straight throwing bowling ball. My personal favourite is the deep space, and it gets heaps of compliments!

Get Yours On Amazon Here! : https://amzn.to/38nTIoc

2) Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Another awesome, affordable bowling ball for straight throwers is the Pyramid Path bowling ball. Pyramid is a recent, but awesome company and their products are a reflection of that. The Pyramid Path bowling ball is another ball that is durable, affordable and great for straight throwers.

The Pyramid Path Features:

- 6-16lbs Variations

- 15+ Color Options

- 5 Perfect Scale (Low Hook Potential)

- Factory Finish Polish

- Polyester Coverstock

- Pancake Core

- For Dry Lane Condition With Straight Breakpoint Shape

Pros & Cons


- Available In A Variety & Color Options

- Affordable

- Suitable For All Skill Levels

- Great Performance

- Durable And Well-Made

- Customisability (Doesn't Come Pre-drilled)


- Not Predrilled (May Drive Costs Up)

- Colour/Design May Differ From Picture

The Pyramid Path bowling ball is a great ball for straight shots, and offers a reliable and smooth performance thanks to the pancake core. This ball shines on the dry lane and is no slouch on medium oiled lanes too. Low hook and flare potential makes the Pyramid Path makes a great spare ball.

If you're a person who likes color, then this is the ball for you! It has over 15 unique color options that look amazing, including Black/orange, Clear Swirl Lime Green/Yellow and Emerald/Black/Silver. You're sure to find the right ball to suit your taste. However, in some cases you may find that the colour/design differs from the picture, but in my opinion, this is a luck of the draw situation.

Overall, the Pyramid Path is a fantastic Bowling ball that performs great, is affordable and the quality is really there. This would be my 1st recommendation to someone looking for an affordable bowling ball for straight throwers. My Personal favourite is the Emerald/Black/Silver which looks like a beautiful Aurora Borealis.

Get Yours On Amazon Here! : https://amzn.to/35lCHJk

3) Storm Ice Blue/White

Storm is a company in the bowling world that is synonymous with great performing balls, but most of their products are on the pricey side (premium quality=premium price). The Storm Ice is super solid solid (pun unintended) choice for straight bowlers, recreational bowlers, or veterans looking for a spare ball.

The Storm Ice Features:

- 3-Piece Core

- 3500 Grit Factory Finish

- Low Flare Potential

- 82-84 Rex Durometer

- Symmetrical Weight Block

- Pearl Polyester Coverstock

- Any Lane Condition With Straight Breakpoint Shape

- 10,12-16lbs Weight Options

- One Color

Pros & Cons


- Durable

- Customisability (Doesn't Come Pre-drilled)

- Great, Predictable Performance

- Performs Great On All Lanes

- Great Quality


- Relatively Expensive

- Not Predrilled (May Drive Costs Up)

- Doesn't Have Light Weight Options <10lbs

- Rather Dull Design

The pearlized coverstock allows the ball to travel in a near straight path which is also useful for spare shots. Combined with the 3 piece core, the bowlers is given a predictable shot which reliably knock down at whatever pin they're aiming at. The ball is suitable for all lane types, but really shines on dry lanes in my experience. I also found out that the ball hooks surprisingly well despite the polyester coverstock.

If you're looking for a colorful ball this isn't the one for you with its singular, some say rather dull, blue and white color-way. It looks more like the sky with clouds than ice, but the singular color creates familiarity and people will know exactly what ball it is when they see it.

The Storm Ice is overall a solid bowling ball for straight bowlers who are looking for a no nonsense, great performing ball, and this is what I love the most about this ball; you can just pick it up on your way out, and know you have a ball that won't disappoint!

Get Yours On Amazon Here! : https://amzn.to/3pRPDOY

4) Brunswick Glow Viz-a-Ball Line-Up

Another bowling from from Brunswick makes the list! This time it's their flamboyant Brunswick Wiz-A-Ball. This is a great ball for straight bowlers looking to bring some flare into their game.

The Brunswick Wiz-A-Ball Features:

- Polyester Coverstock

- Crown Factory Polish

- 10+ Unique Designs

- 6-16lbs Weight Options

- Low Hook Potential

- Reaction Shape 99 (High)

- Pancake Style Core

- For Light Oil Lane Conditions

- Glows In Dark Lighting

Pros & Cons


- Enthralling, Unique Designs

- Glows In The Dark

- Great Performance

- Customisability (Doesn't Come Pre-drilled)

- Great Quality


- Not Predrilled (May Drive Costs Up)

- Rather Pricey

- Drilling May Cut Into Undesirable Sections Of Design

- Sense Of Anxiousness (Not Wanting To Damage The Ball)

The Viz-A-Ball is a reliable bowling ball which is predicable in its ability to travel completely straight. The polyester cover stock is of high quality and combined with the pancake style core, offers smooth performance especially in semi oily lanes. For this reason, this ball can also be used as a spare ball when you outgrow your technique.

The design is what shines about this ball. The decals are actually imprinted onto the coverstock and combined with the factory polish, make the ball pop on the lane. There are many designs to suit everyone; from the lizard eye, a globe design ball and even shark! You sure to turn a few heads on the alley when you use this ball.

Overall, the Brunswick Viz-A-Ball great choice for a straight bowler. While you might be apprehensive and see the ball as a form of art, on the lane it is a formidable performer! My personal favourite is the lizard eye and let me tell you, people sure do stop and stare.

Get Yours On Amazon Here! : https://amzn.to/2K6UxZu

5) Columbia 300 White Dot Scarlet Bowling Ball

To end the list we have the Columbia 300 White Dot bowling ball. From a great brand, this ball is one of the most popular polyester balls because of its durability and performance.

The Columbia White Dot:

- Polyester Coverstock

- Bullet Core

- Crown Factory Polish

- Scarlet Color

- Any Lane Condition

- 6,8-15 lbs

- Straight Lane Reaction

- USBC Approved

Pros & Cons


- Great Performance

- Customisability (Doesn't Come Pre-drilled)

- Versatile Design

- Durable


- Not Predrilled (May Drive Costs Up)

- Not Optimal on Dry Lanes

- Only One Design Option

The Columbia 300 White Dot offers a reliable straight-line movement that is predictable thanks to the polyester coverstock and the bullet core. While the ball can be used on all lane types, the 300 White Dot shines on semi-oily lane conditions. The ball is USBC approved, so you just know it performs well, and you can also take it on tournaments!

The 300 White Dot comes in one color and this may deter away some of you, but it is well executed. You just can't go wrong with this ball!

Get Yours On Amazon Here! : https://amzn.to/2JRg2NE

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